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      This secretagogue prompts your pituitary gland to secrete more of the growth hormone that’s already stored in your body by releasing peptides 2 and 6. Sermorelin was originally bioengineered to help children increase growth hormone production. Clinical trials have demonstrated that it can also help adults promote health and vitality well beyond middle age.

      Soon after Dr. Williams begins delivering sermorelin therapy you’ll feel it:

      • boosting your energy, strength, and endurance
      • building new muscle cells to increase lean body mass
      • breaking down your body fat and fatty acids
      • improving your heart function
      • strengthening your bone density by increasing calcium retention
      • accelerating your wound healing
      • enhancing your non-REM slow wave sleep
      • increasing your protein synthesis (DNA processing)
      • reducing your liver’s uptake of glucose (staving off diabetes)
      • regulating your insulin-producing pancreatic islets

      By delivering the right amount of growth hormone into your blood stream Dr. Williams can help rebalance your other hormones, slowing down tissue degeneration on a cellular level. Your age, lifestyle and unique biochemistry will help him determine how many, how often and for how long to deliver sermorelin.

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