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      Welcome to the Peptide Institute of Texas

      At the Peptide Therapy Institute, anti-aging is our passion.

      Dr. Williams fuels it with the evidence-based, time-tested peptide therapy he’s been practicing for many, many years – although he never says exactly how many…

      That’s because this Harvard educated, Albert Einstein Medical College-trained MD has never stopped feeling 29. And his life’s calling is to make you feel 29 again too.

      Whether he was working as an ER Physician or an Air Force flight surgeon, Dr. Williams consistently observed patients who looked and felt much older than they had to. So he hit the books and the labs to discover how our peptide deficiencies age us prematurely.

      Today this tireless anti-aging influencer delivers peptides to patients, mitigating every imaginable aging burden – from low bone density to low libido.

      Dr. Williams’ highly specialized knowledge led him to be named Diplomat & Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Regenerative, & Functional Medicine (A4M). Despite all the prestigious awards and certificates on his office wall, Dr. Williams considers his pain-free, healthier, happier, sexier patients his greatest accomplishment.

      Come grow younger with us at the Peptide Therapy Institute, where we don’t count your years – only your peptides. Call Dr. Williams at The Peptide Institute of Texas to schedule a consultation at (210) 985-1700 or contact us here.


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